Guided Cycling Tours in Galicia

Cycling Galicia organises bespoke cycling holidays in the beautiful region of Galicia, in north west Spain. Galicia has everything a cycle tourist needs. Miles of coastline and river valleys, incredible views and natural beauty. And on top of all that, enough mountain climbs to test all cyclists, most on roads that are traffic free. It really is a paradise for any cyclist and offers some of the freshest and cleanest air in Europe. The local food isn’t bad either! If you are looking for cycling holidays in Spain, then look no further.

Whilst Galicia remains a relatively unknown region of Spain for foreign visitors, it is a haven for domestic tourism. Many enjoy the Camino de Santiago by bike as well as on foot. The ambient climate, the miles of unspoiled roads and the Gallego hospitality are second to none. Couple with our knowledge of the region ,will guarantee a cycling holiday that you will never forget. We are confident that once you have experienced Galicia, you will want to come back.

 All of our bespoke cycling holidays are fully organised around the client´s needs, not ours. We engage with every client to offer them a trip that suits them perfectly. All our bespoke cycling holidays are all inclusive . Once you are here you can put your wallet away and we will take care of the rest. So check out the details of our guided cycling tours that cater for all group sizes, or individuals.  There are many Spanish cycling holidays, but none are better than those in Galicia. Come and see for yourself. 

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June 6, 2019

Gran Fondo Ezaro

by: Dean Fletcher

The Gran Fondo Ezaro has rapidly become the most famous cyclo tourist race in Galicia in just five short years. The famous Galician professional , Ezequiel Mosquera, and his company EME Sports are the organisers of the race. This year the Gran Fondo Ezaro will be a qualifier for the Gran Fondo world championships in Poland in Septmeber. It is the only qualifier on the Iberian peninsula. The participation will be at least 1,000 riders. Many of them will be experiencing Galicia for the first time. Enjoying its natural beauty, and also its famous gastronomy.  So, what makes the Gran Fondo Ezaro so special?

Gran Fondo Ezaro Route

The route of the Gran Fondo Ezaro is split into the long route and the short route. The qualifiers for the UCI World championships must complete the long route. This route is a total of 145km with 2,800m of vertical gain. The route starts at the foot of the mirador, and heads north to Muxia, out to the headland and the Faro. The climb to the Alto de Ferroatlantico is a good warm up for the real climbs ahead. The route then passes back through Ezaro, and then hugs the beautiful Atlantic coast to Muros. Here, it turns inland and tackles the Cat 1 Alto de Paxareiras. This climb will really warm up the legs, and the descent back to the coast is technical and fast. However, the real test lies in the last 2kms.

Mirador de Ezaro

What makes the Gran Fondo Ezaro so memorable is the finish up the vicious climb that is the Mirador de Ezaro. It is only 1,8km in length, but climbs 268m, and average gradient of 15%. Just before the 1km sign, the gradient hits an incredible 30%. The suface is concrete, and scored horizontally to give more grip. This part of the climb, on race day will be packed with hundreds of people. It is a very memorable experience. And everybody can follow in the footsteps of the great Purito Rodriguez, who still holds the record for this climb.

May 10, 2019

The ITU Worlds Experience

by: Dean Fletcher

What a three weeks it has been. 12 hour days, 3000km driving , organising the rental bikes. Picking them up from as far as Oporto, and dropping them off all over Pontevedra. The ITU worlds experience has been something that I will never forget for a very long time. 4000 athletes from 50+ countries competing in our state capital. And it seems to me that every single one enjoyed themselves, sampling the wonderful Galician gastronomy. And also getting to know our wonderful culture here in north west Spain.  Many discovered our rich celtic heritage, and marvelled at the beautiful nature of Galicia.

The ITU Worlds Experience

What became clear very early in the event was that many had never visited Galicia before. I was able to advise on training rides for the athletes. Those who were looking for a flat ride, we sent along the coast to O Grove and back again. 75km with a constant view of the sea. Those who wanted to climb, could do so on MonteCastrove , the mountain overlooking Pontevedra. The beauty of riding in Galicia is the varied nature of the terrain, and so much with stunning sea views. And all the athletes fell in love with that fact. The ITU worlds experience for many of those athletes was one they will never forget.

Words from the mouths of the athletes

There were many many kind words from the athletes during the two week event. Too many to mention. Some however did stick in my mind. Talking about the food, one Canadian lady told me. ” I ate squid in its own ink last night. I am going to emigrate to Galicia just so that I can eat it every week”. A Brazilian guy said to me ” The only thing flat in Galicia is the sea”. And my favourite was from a wonderful American lady, “The only thing open in Galicia form 2pm to 4pm are people’s mouths”.

All in all, I think we can say that the whole event was a huge success for Galicia. Already Pontevedra has bid for the final of the ITU Triathlon in 2023. I have no doubt that they will be successful. And if you want to see what everybody is talking about , you know where to come. For your cycling holiday in Spain, it has to be Galicia.