Alto del Extremo from Santo André

This beautiful climb of the Alto de Extremo from Santo André is in northern Portugal. It is another climb that affords beautiful views on its route. The climb starts on the main road from Monçao to Arcos de Valdevez, as it passes through Santo André. So it is close by to the Parque de Corno de Bico climb. The first 6km of the climb is on this road. The gradient averages a steady 4-5%, and is generally traffic free.It has wide verges, and is well protected by trees. It can be taken in the big ring for the stonger riders.

At km6 the road passes through the village of Extremo. There is a lovely water fountain to replenish bidons. As the road leaves Extremo, we turn sharp right, passing the cemetery , and the road begins to bit up to 8-9%. After a km, we lose the shade of the trees, as the road opens out and weaves its way up the side of the mountain. Here the views on a clear day towards Braga are wonderful. The exposed road pitches to 9% and flattens to almost zero, but continuously bites into the legs. The final km is not so steep, but after 13km at a good rhythm , you will be glad to finally crest the summit. The Alto de Extremo from Santo André is a climb that you will enjoy and never forget.