Booking your 2019 Cycling Holiday

Christmas has passed, New Year celebrated, and its back to work, or whatever daily routine you have. So, what is the next step, now that we are all giving up drinking, eating carbs, shaving etc etc. Well, of course, it is booking your 2019 cycling holiday. With the weather freezing cold, and only the very brave venturing out, it is time to look forward to that holiday. And what better place to do so than Galicia. And here is why.

Booking Your 2019 Cycling Holiday

Galicia has so much to offer, it is hard to know where to start. Let’s go with the weather. Galicia does not suffer from the extremes of other parts of the peninsula. It has four distinct seasons and provides year-round cycling. The first ten days of January  has seen zero rainfall and an average temperature of 15 Celsius. Perfect for winter cycling. The roads in the province again are perfect for riding. Road safety in Galicia  is paramount. Cyclists in Galicia benefit from quiet roads, wide lanes on the bigger roads, and above all the 1.5m respect rule from drivers. Galicia has a deep history of cycling, so drivers are very considerate of their two wheeled companions.

What to Expect in Galician Cycling?

When you are booking your 2019 cycling holiday, it is important to know the terrain. Galicia can provide whatever type of challenge that you require. If you like to climb, don’t worry, there is a varied list of Galician climbs to choose from. However, if you prefer something flatter, and more scenic, then Cycling Galicia can tailor make a tour for you. For example, our six day cycling tour could be for you. It provides some great cycling with a climb a day thrown in. Plenty of scenic routes by the Galician coastas well as through some beautiful inland scenery. Truly we have something for everyone.

Off the Bike Considerations

Another important consideration for when booking your 2019 cycling holiday is “post-bike”. Many places are isolated, offering the same evening routine. At Cycling Galicia, we try to be different. You cannot come to Galicia without sampling the Galician gastronomy. Whether you are a lover of meat , or seafood, Galicia has the best that Spain has to offer. and to accompany it, some of the best wine too. Every evening, included in the price of your trip, we will visit different restaurants, to sample their fine products. Also, we will introduce you to Galician culture, so that your trip will leave you in love with the region. And now with Ryanair flights to Vigo from Stanstead, Galicia is even easier to get to. What are you waiting for? When booking your 2019 cycling holiday in Spain , Galicia must be the first choice.