Corno de Bico from Arcos de Valdevez

The climb of Corno de Bico from Arcos de Valdevez is 18km of complete joy. The beautiful terrain of this northernmost area of Portugal is a pleasure to pedal through. The climb starts from the centre of Arcos de Valdevez on the N303 road. It immediately kicks up with a 5% gradient for 3km to warm the legs. The road then settles into a gentle false flat for 5km to the village of Hospital.

From Hospital it is all uphill until the summit 10km away, at an average of 4.5%. However, there are ramps up to 10% so be prepared. The road in its entirety does not have a verge. However it is very quiet, and continuously twists and turns through village after village. It is bordered by small vineyards and beautiful pine and oak trees for much of its length. The gradient stays pretty constant all the way up, and the views across the Vez river valley are spectacular. If you want a beautiful hour on a bike in Portugal , then climbing Corno de Bico from Arcos de Valdevez is top of the list.