Cycling and Blogging Brings Rewards

When I set up the Cycling Galicia project, it was always going to be ” a journey”. This is a well used phrase in modern life. I wasn´t sure where it would all lead, and the best journeys are always like that. Cycling is a huge part of my life, and always will be. Blogging has never been, and writing was not what I thought was my strong point- However, now I can see that cycling and blogging brings rewards. And both have now become part of my life. And thanks to Feedspot , I have now achieved something that I have never achieved on two wheels. I have won something. Well, not “won”, but I count it as a win. To be named in their top 100 cycling blogs is a win for me.

Passion for Galicia

I think when you write about a subject, there has to be a passion involved. Mine are for cycling and for Galicia. This is why CyclingGalicia was created, to share that passion with those who do not know this region. A region that has so much to offer in its beauty, its history, its gastronomy, and much more. And, above all for cyclists, its abundance of climbs , all on a myriad of safe roads. This all adds up to the perfect place for a cycling holiday in Spain. And I want to share that experience with all of you.

Long Hot Summer

It is now getting towards mid-October, and still the weather here is marvelous. Highs of 26 degrees and above are forecast all week. Perfect cycling weather. The lack of rain has left the ground tinder dry, and forest fire is a threat .Galicia’s abundance of forests are always vulnerable, and overnight there was a fire close to the Alto de Moscoso. I will take a look later at the climb to see if it has been affected. However, these risks will always remain in an are that is so extensively covered with pine,oak and eucalyptus forests. In the summer they provide our shade, and also the beautiful “smell of Galicia”.

So, back on the bike, enjoy the last days of summer, and then back to the keyboard to share those thoughts with you all. Cycling and blogging brings rewards, and I fully intend to continue with both for a long time yet.