Cycling in Galicia

The most striking feature of cycling in Galicia is the quiet unspoiled roads. This was due to Galicia putting in place a major road building project at the turn of the century. This achieved a vast  improvement of connections ,internally and with the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. The result of this was many new major roads, shifting a majority of traffic away from the more localised routes. Because of these upgrades in the local roads, alongside government led campaigns for road safety makes for safer roads. For these reasons, Galicia has rapidly become the ideal place to ride a bike.

An Abundance of Mountains to Climb

The case in many cycling holidays, and I speak from experience for all Brits, is the need to climb uphill. Consequently , with the abundance of mountains, cycling in Galicia does not disappoint in that respect. In our beautiful corner of Spain, we offer some spectacular climbs, of all shapes,sizes and difficulties. Therefore not only can we can hit gradients of 20%+, we can also choose something with a more relaxing nature. As a result we can also enjoy the stunning views whilst climbing. These views of mountains and sea are quite unique. This makes cycling holidays in Galicia a special experience.


Stunning Panoramic Views

From the stunning mountainous panorama around the Cabeza de Manzaneda ski station, to the breath-taking ocean views atop Monte Groba. Galicia has something for everyone, mountains, sea and forests of pine and eucalyptus.

And above all, the weather in Galicia is very conducive to an enjoyable cycling holiday. The oppressive heat and dust of the south of Spain is absent, as our climate is milder, and our terrain a lot greener. Galicia has four distinctive seasons and doesn’t experience the extreme weather seen elsewhere in Spain. All of this adds up to ideal conditions for bike riding. So come along and experience cycling in Galicia for yourself. We guarantee that it will not disappoint you.