About us

My name is Dean Fletcher, a Londoner who met my half Spanish wife Rosa on my first day at university. She introduced me to Galicia in 1987 and I fell in love with it immediately. After 20 years in the City, and a sabbatical in New York,  in 2007 we made Galicia our permanent home. And since then cycling has been my life, alongside my four children.

I speak fluent Spanish, as well as our local Galician language. I am the president of Club Ciclista de la Fuente, one of the biggest veteran’s teams in Spain. My partner at Cycling Galicia is Serafin Martinez, an ex-professional cyclist. Serafin wore the polka dot jersey in the Vuelta for 10 days. He brings a wealth of experience to our rides. We have organised many bike races, running races and other sporting events in Galicia. I have competed all over Spain as a veteran, but I am now 99% a cyclo tourist.

Cycling Galicia was born out of a passion for showing this beautiful, yet relatively unknown part of Spain to foreign visitors.Me, as a cyclo tourist, and my partner as an ex-pro, have both ridden extensively across Europe.However, we both feel there is no place like home for riding your bike when your home is Galicia.

The routes were all personally designed by me, all well researched and there is something for all standards of cyclist. I have outlined various types of bespoke cycling tours, with details of many climbs . All routes have well documented distance and accumulated climbing, so you can easily see the type of terrain that lies ahead.

I will accompany you on every tour on my bike and we have a support car which provides assistance. A mechanic will be on hand every morning to check your bikes, and we will even throw in a mid-trip massage to keep those legs pumping. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Galicia, and showing you why this hidden gem will not stay hidden for much longer.