Discover Galicia

To discover Galicia, firstly you need to know its location. Galicia is in the North West corner of Spain and offers cyclists a perfect cocktail for a cycling holiday.  It is easy to get to via Porto airport in northern Portugal. Flights from the UK and northern Europe are plentiful and inexpensive, and all major airlines operate there.

First Impressions

So when you arrive, what will you encounter? Primarily, the challenging terrain, friendly hospitality and a local cuisine, that in itself will probably see you return to the region. There is every chance you’ll fall in love with its natural beauty, its varied culture and its fascinating history . Also, and most importantly for a cyclist, its ability to deliver a unique cycling holiday experience.


Discovering Galicia

Although the most important part of the trip is the cycling itself, the “apres-cycling” is key to a successful trip. The quiet, serene nature of Galicia, will help you relax and recuperate after each day’s effort. Nobody is ever in a hurry, and this will rub off on all visitors. To  discover Galicia is to experience a little known corner of a well known country. You will be very surprised with what you find. The striking combination of scenic mountains, dramatic coastlines and unspoiled nature will make for an unforgettable cycling holiday for both beginners and experienced cyclists. So if you are choosing  cycling tours in Spain, then try Galicia, this hidden gem in the north west

Vuelta a España

Galicia has hosted the Vuelta a España on many occasions, most recently the 2016 edition which hosted seven stages. In 2018 two more stages will pass through Galicia, so the region is no stranger to hosting high profile cycling events. Every time the race passes through Galicia, more people are attracted to its beauty. Carlton Kirby of Eurosport eulogises about Galicia, particularly its food. Likewise , many professional cyclists during the Vuelta have mentioned how challenging, yet beautiful Galicia is. Steve Cummings once said that only here can you find 2500m of climbing on a flat stage. So like Carlton and Steve, don´t wait any longer. Come and discover Galicia, and see what it can offer you, on and off the bike.