Galicia ABTA Top Twelve Holiday Destination

At last we are seeing the great and the good of the travel industry waking up. They are waking up to Galicia. It is official after the publication on Wednesday of ABTA’s list of destinations to watch for in 2019. Galicia ABTA top twelve holiday destination. The question is, why has it taken so long for them to see what has been obvious to us for years? We will discuss this later in this blog.

European destinations in the top twelve

There are five European destinations in the top twelve. Bulgaria, Madeira, Thessaloniki, Poland and Galicia. Eastern Europe, we know is growing as a tourist destination. As more people discover these previously unknown destinations, the more popular they get. However, eastern Europe still carries a certain stigma, despite the EU expansion. Is it safe, how is the infrastructure, healthcare in emergency etc. Some of these questions are part of this stigma, and clearly things are improving. However, it will take more time. Galicia, however, doesn´t have any of these problems. It is in Spain, and Spain is the most popular holiday destination in Europe.

Galicia ABTA top twelve holiday destination

So, why has it taken Galicia, a Spanish province so long to be noticed? The answer to this is multifaceted. Primarily, Galicia doesn´t fit into what we all see as “normal Spain”. Galicia is green. Very green. Not the kms of desert roads, and nothingness that is found in the southern part of Spain. Galicia has beautiful mountains and beaches. It also has a very varied geography  and more temperate climate  than the rest of Spain. Also, it is a haven for Spanish tourists, who escape the heat of the interior in summer. So, Galicia has never been marketed to the outside world. Nowadays, relying on a domestic market in any business model is dangerous. So , the Galician government has embarked on a marketing drive, that is now winning awards.

What makes Galicia stand out?

So why is it that we have Galicia ABTA top twelve holiday destination. Galicia remains unspoilt. The domestic tourism has allowed it to change little over the years. EU money has improved the road system  and opened up the province. Galician food  is amongst the best in Europe, as it is almost 100% locally sourced. The prices are low compared to other regions in Spain, which always will attract visitors. Galicia has its own deep rooted culture and language. All of this adds up to the perfect holiday destination. And even better on a bike. If you are looking for a destination for a  Spanish cycling holiday then look no further. Galicia is your first choice. Galicia ABTA top twelve holiday destination. Come and see what the fuss is all about.