Galician Climbs

We firmly believe that Galicia has something to offer every cyclist that likes climbs. Cycling Galicia have put together a comprehensive list of climbs that can form part of your cycling holiday with us. Unfortunately, we won´t be able to do every climb in 6 days as there are simply too many. However as we sincerely hope that you will be a repeat visitor, we will endeavour to complete the full set!!!

Variation of Climbs

The climbs of Galicia can vary, with short sharp efforts such as Monte Santa Tecla and the southern face of Monte Aloya. In addition there are longer efforts such as the north face of Monte Groba, and the east side of FonteFria. And not forgetting the 30km long ascent to the Cabeza de Manzaneda ski station. All of these climbs offer very distinct challenges, as well as different panoramic views from their summits. All of this together, again illustrates the diverse nature of cycling in Galicia, making it ideal for  cycling holidays in Spain.

During your trip we will tailor make each day to include the right balance of climbs, and recuperation on the flat. We will always be accompanied by the stunning scenery and quiet roads that Galicia has to offer. Our task is to get you to find the correct balance of metres uphill, and your enjoyment of the day.

List of Galician Climbs

Here is a list of a majority of the climbs that could be tackled during one of our bespoke cycling tours. The variety on offer may at first seem overwhelming. However, our local expertise will ensure the correct balance for each day´s adventure. Whether you want to just climb and climb, or just see one uphill effort every day, don´t worry. Cycling Galicia will prepare your route, guaranteeing a memorable trip. So take a look, select what you feel suits you, and let´s start to prepare your holiday.