Galician Food

It is hard to know where to start when discussing the subject of Galician food. This is because food and drink are woven into the fabric of the culture like no other Spanish region. This may well be because so much of it is produced within Galicia.  Only a generation ago the Galician food and agricultural industry accounted for 46% of all jobs in the region. Although this has fallen, the figure remains high in relation to other Spanish regions. Most of what you will eat and drink on your trip is most definitely “Made in Galicia”. This is a very special treat enhancing cycling tours in Galicia.

Galician Food Variations

The fishing and shellfish industry is very important to Galicia. Its seafood, marisco in Spanish, is widely accepted as some of the best quality that Europe has to offer. And because Galician food is all locally sourced, the freshness and price are second to none. It would be a mistake however, to think that Galician food is just all about the sea. Galicia is also very well renowned for the quality of its meat and dairy products. Chuleton de buey, the prime cut taken from a bull is the highlight of the meat production. The dairy products jewel in the crown is an exquisite “tetilla” cheese. This takes its name from it´s shape , which resembles that of a woman´s breast. Galician food is truly some of the finest that Spain has to offer, and all, as ever, at a price that makes it accessible.

Galician Grape and Grain

And why stop with just the Galician food? Galicia also produces some fantastic drinking experiences as well. Indeed, Galician wine, beer and aguadiente is amongst the top grade in Spain, and you will leave after your trip wanting to know more about it. From a deliciously refreshing white O Rosalian albariño , to a deep fruity red from Ribeira de Sacra, we have something for every palate. Also, with our world-famous Estrella Galicia, the best beer around for after 5 hours in the saddle.

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