Galician History

Galician history has made this region distinctive from the rest of Spain. When you arrive although you are in Spain, it does feel different. And it isn’t just the abundant greenery. It is the people, their customs and language . And to fully understand its modern day evolution why you must delve into the fascinating tale of Galician history.  Its centuries old Celtic links, through to the resurgence of modern day independence movements. Due to this,Galician history is complex. Invading nations have played their part, as have it’s geography and climate.

Galicia for many centuries encompassed territories that are now part of modern Portugal, and the links remain very strong. The Galician language, Gallego, is a hearty mixture of the Castellano, or Castillian Spanish, and Portuguese. Many language historians say that the Galician language was the original Latin-based dialect, and that  Castellano grew out of Gallego. If you want to open a bottle of Galician wine and discuss this with a Galician, it will be a very long evening! Another fascinating example of Galician history.

Modern day Galicia is a fast-growing economic region. It has hugely benefited from EU money improving its infrastructure over the last 25 years. A region that historically has suffered a lot from emigration, is now re-emerging. As the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean it is geographically well placed for further growth. Galicia is on an upward trajectory, so come and enjoy the ride, literally.