List of Galician Mountain Climbs

Here is a comprehensive list of the Galician mountain climbs in the Southern Rias Baixas. We will be able to tackle many of them on our bespoke tours. We think that if you are booking Spanish cycling holidays then Galicia has a lot to offer if you love going uphill.

Monte Groba from Oia via Torroña – 14km @ 3% ramps of 11%

Monte Groba from Oia

Monte Aloia South Face from Tui7km @ 8% ramps of 12%

aloia south face

Monte aloia

Monte Aloia from Gondomar12km @ 4.5% ramps of 11%

Monte aloia from Gondomar

Monte Aloia from Gondomar

Alto de Fontefría from Arbo21km @ 3.2% ramps of 9%

alto de fontefría from Arbo

fontefría from a cañiz

Moscoso from Mondariz8km @ 4% ramps of 10%




Monte Groba from Mougas  – 8km @ 6.4% ramps of 15%

Groba via Mougas



Santa Trega 3km @ 8.3% ramps of 12%

Santa trega

santa tegra 1


Cabeza de Manzaneda from Puente  – 30km @ 4.8% ramps of 12%


cabeza de manzaneda

Alto del Extremo from Santo André 13km @ 4.2% ramps of 11%

Alto del extremo

alto de extremo

Arga de Cima 5km @ 10.4% ramps of 20%

Arga de Cima from Valé

arga de cima


San Antoniño from Tui  –  9km @ 4%  ramps of 11%

San Antoniño

san antoniño

Alto de Cristelos from Vilamean 4km @ 6% ramps of 9%

Alto de Cristelos


Monte Groba North Face 11km @ 5.8% ramps of 16%

Monte Groba north face

monte groba north

Alto de San Xián3km @ 6% ramps of 12%

Alto de San Xián

san xián

Monte Faro5km @ 7.4% ramps of 12%

monte faro

monte faro

Peinador from Os Valos5km @ 1.8% ramps of 10%

Peinador Vigo Airport

os valos

Monte Castrove from Cabeza de Boi10km @ 4.4% ramps of 10%

Monte Castrove

monte castrove

Corno de Bico from Arcos de Valdevez18km @ 2.8% ramps of 10%

Corno de Bico from arcos de valdavez

arcos de valvdavez

San Antoniño from Gondomar8km @ 4.6% ramps of 9%

san antoniño gondomar

Vilachán from Vilamean7km @ 5% ramps of 12%


Monte Groba from Boneval – 10km @ 3.4%  ramps of 10%

Broba from Boneval

monte groba south

Os Eidos from Oía5km @ 7.8% ramps of 12%

Os Eidos from oia

oia eidos

Candemil from Vila Nova de Cerveira6km @ 4%  ramps of 9%

Candemil from Vila Nova de Cerveira



Fontefria from Ponteareas22km @ 3.5%  ramps of 10%

Alto de fontefría

fontefria from ponteareas

Pomares from Melgaço8km @ 4.4%  ramps of 9%

Pomares from Melgaço


Pazos de Borben from Ponteareas15km @ 1.5%  ramps of 9%

Pazod de Borben from Ponteareas

pazos de borben

Vigo Airport from Redondela6km @ 4.2% ramps of 12%

Vigo airport from redondela

vigo airport

Capela de Sao Silvestre from Seixosa – 12.5km @ 5.3% with ramps of 20%

capela de sao silvetsre route

capela de sao silvestre summit


MonteCastrove from Poio  6.2km @ 6.8% with ramps of 20%

montecastrove from poio

montecastrove from poio