Galician Restaurants

An important part of all our holidays,including cycling, is eating and visiting good local restaurants. Obviously, we will concentrate on the cycling part, which is the main thrust of the trip. However, it is important to enjoy time off the bike, and in Galicia this must involve a local restaurants. So, every night we will dine in a different one , and try to give you the best experience on offer. And at the end of the trip, a final evening in what you choose to be your favourite of all the restaurants.

Galician restaurants vary dramatically. Furranchos, which are non-licensed restaurants originally designed for people to sell their home grown produce are popular. And at the other end of the scale, marisquerias overlooking the ocean. We will visit restaurants that have different specialities and may well cross over to sample our Portuguese neighbour’s fare. For many hundreds of years, Portugal was part of the Kingdom of Galicia, so strictly speaking it isn´t cheating!!!

We will visit A Guarda, on the extreme south west tip of Galicia, whose port serves the best fish in Galicia. Goian, a small village that punches above its weight when it comes to quality restaurants. In additon, we will visit excellent taperías that you would never guess served quality food. And, finally some traditional asadors and churrasquerias that specialise on meat and fish cooked on an open grill. Every restaurant will have its own specialities, and daily recommendations, and during your holiday, we will endeavour to introduce you to as much variety as we can.

Each day after a hard ride, you will be able to look forward to some wonderful food, and of course great wine. Then a good night´s sleep, and ready for the next day´s adventures.