Galician Road Safety

Galician roads and road safety has improved enormously in the last 20-25 years, thanks to European investment in the region. Because of it´s location in the extreme north west of Spain, and it´s mountainous nature, Galicia suffered from accessibility problems for many years. In the late 1990´s this began to change, as Galicia started a motorway building programme. This connected it internally, as well as providing fast routes to other Spanish provinces, and to Portugal. This programme was boosted during the Plan E initiative after the 2008 financial crisis.As a result this has left Galicia with a great road system, with emphasis on road safety. More importantly for cyclists, many kilometres of excellent routes, wide verges and with very little traffic. The ideal choice for a bike holiday in Spain.

Coastal Climbs

Alongside this, the nature of the roads can be spectacular. Galicia has over 1500km of coastline, and almost all of it has a coast road. Also, many rivers cut deep into its interior, and offer up great cycling routes. These coastal roads provide fantastic scenery, with a perfect combination of long blue flag beaches, and steep jagged cliffs. The topography results in many climbs next to the sea. These offer up stunning views as you wind your way up the mountainsides. Examples of this are the climbs of Monte Santa Tegra and Monte Groba from Oia.

Road Safety in Galicia

Road safety campaigns have taken high priority in recent years. One making it compulsory to give cyclists 1.5m of leeway when passing in a car, has been very successful. Whilst there are always those who do not respect us when we are out on a bike, many have heeded this new law. Because of this improvement in road safety, the Galicia is now a haven for safe cycling. Many roads have wide verges suitable for one, and in many instances two cyclists. What you will take away from your bike trip in Galicia will be the quiet safe nature of the roads. As well as the respect offered up by it´s drivers to us in lycra.