Galician Weather

Galicia is known in Spain as the green coast. Why, because of the influence of it´s weather. It is covered with oak, pine and eucalyptus trees. Therefore  when you fly over it, it doesn’t resemble what most visitors would imagine to be Spain. This is because the weather is much more temperate.

Long Daylight Hours

Galicia experiences four very clear seasons, with these seasons varying depending on proximity to the coast. The ocean and mountains together produce many micro climates, and the region where we are based, the Rias Baixas, has a very distinctive ambient climate. Galicia is  the most westerly region of Europe, and an hour in front of GMT. Because of this Galicia has some of the longest evenings anywhere on the continent. Sunset on the winter solstice is at 6.20pm, and in the height of summer at almost 11pm. This makes it ideal for cycling holidays in Spain.

Seasonal Nature of Galician Weather

Our winter weather can be wet, but the temperature never drops below freezing near the coast. By February, spring is on it´s way, and we can get some lovely cycling days. The temperature can easily reach up to 20-22 degrees Celsius. Through March and April, spring is in full bloom, though there can be the odd wet day or two. During this period of near perfect cycling weather, Galicia experiences temperatures from the high mid-teens to the high twenties Celsius. This a great time to visit to prepare ahead of those summer sportives back in your home countries.

All Year Round Cycling

Summer in Galicia rarely has the continual scorching hot conditions that make cycling a very uncomfortable experience. Although we frequently see mid 30´s Celsius, the coastal influence ensures a breeze. The ability to climb up into the mountains bringing relief when the heat kicks in makes it ideal for cyclists. Autumn is a very ambient time in Galicia, and perfect for those looking to bring their cycling season to a close.