Gran Fondo Ezaro

The Gran Fondo Ezaro has rapidly become the most famous cyclo tourist race in Galicia in just five short years. The famous Galician professional , Ezequiel Mosquera, and his company EME Sports are the organisers of the race. This year the Gran Fondo Ezaro will be a qualifier for the Gran Fondo world championships in Poland in Septmeber. It is the only qualifier on the Iberian peninsula. The participation will be at least 1,000 riders. Many of them will be experiencing Galicia for the first time. Enjoying its natural beauty, and also its famous gastronomy.  So, what makes the Gran Fondo Ezaro so special?

Gran Fondo Ezaro Route

The route of the Gran Fondo Ezaro is split into the long route and the short route. The qualifiers for the UCI World championships must complete the long route. This route is a total of 145km with 2,800m of vertical gain. The route starts at the foot of the mirador, and heads north to Muxia, out to the headland and the Faro. The climb to the Alto de Ferroatlantico is a good warm up for the real climbs ahead. The route then passes back through Ezaro, and then hugs the beautiful Atlantic coast to Muros. Here, it turns inland and tackles the Cat 1 Alto de Paxareiras. This climb will really warm up the legs, and the descent back to the coast is technical and fast. However, the real test lies in the last 2kms.

Mirador de Ezaro

What makes the Gran Fondo Ezaro so memorable is the finish up the vicious climb that is the Mirador de Ezaro. It is only 1,8km in length, but climbs 268m, and average gradient of 15%. Just before the 1km sign, the gradient hits an incredible 30%. The suface is concrete, and scored horizontally to give more grip. This part of the climb, on race day will be packed with hundreds of people. It is a very memorable experience. And everybody can follow in the footsteps of the great Purito Rodriguez, who still holds the record for this climb.