Monte Aloia from Gondomar

This side of Monte Aloia from Gondomar is definitely the easier climb. It will feature in both our 6 day bespoke tours. However, it still pitches up to above 10%. One or two false flats do give the legs some respite. The initial 3km to Morgadanes is a gentle 4% with a small downhill section. a quick left and then right turn takes us into the wooded area. The next 4km average around 7-8%, as the road winds its way through the pine forests.

A small false flat and a right turn across the sierra de Aloia , leads to the village of Prado. Be careful here of goats and sheep in the road, as we pass through the village. The final 3km to the summit pitch up again in a series of steps. Avoid the cattle that roam in these areas, and their deposits!!!. The final 500m to the summit takes us past the picnic and recreation areas. At weekends, try and avoid the kids having a picnic.