Monte Castrove from Cabeza de Boi

Monte Castrove from Cabeza de Boi is a 10km drag at an average of 5%. However, with two false flats, this climb can be deceptive in its toughness. The climb starts just off the roundabout of the AG-41 motorway, and immediately ramps up through eucalyptus tress and vineyards at a steady 7%. The road is well surfaced, with a very wide cycle verge for those going up.

The road continues at a steady gradient of around 6-7% , passing through small villages, and more pine and eucalyptus trees for a total of 6.5km. At the roundabout in the village of O Busto, the climb turns left ,and steadily climbs out of the village. The terrain becomes very tree lined , and the gradient a steady 6% all the way up. As the trees open out towards the top, it passes the golf course at Monte Castrove. The last 500m of the climb runs parallel with the 7th fairway.  On a clear day, the views to the right across the Ria de Pontevedra are stunning.