Monte Groba from Mougas

This climb of Monte Groba from Mougas to its summit at 630m above sea level , is by far the hardest ascent .It will be tackled during our 6 day climbing bespoke tour itinerary. he climb starts as you turn off the coast road, and immediately it bites. The first 2km to the village of Mougas, averages 10% on a narrow road. The road hairpins through Mougas, and the pine forest provides some protection on a hot day. The gradient doesn’t let up at all as the narrow road twists and turns through the forest.

The first 5km are just relentless at 10%. The forest starts to disappear as the road snakes its way to the Sierra de Groba. The Sierra is very open to the elements, with little protection from the trees. On a hot day, this climb is going to hurt as you crest on to the open sections. A left turn at the 6.5km takes us on to the road to the summit of Groba. The last 1km contains two hairpins, before a final drag to the summit. And , on a clear day, a view up the coast that will make all the effort worth it.