Monte Groba North Face

Monte Groba north face was climbed in the 2013 Vuelta de España. the winner that day was Ireland’s Nicholas Roche, on a glorious summer afternoon. The climb is beautiful, starting right next to the sea in Baiona. It passes through woodland, then across the picnic area at Chan de Lagoa, avoiding the wild horses. Then a flatter section across the barren landscape, for the final push to the summit. The views from there are well worth the effort.

The climb kicks up immediately to 7% and winds its way past the statue of the Virgin of the Rock. This mythical statue is worshipped by sailors before they put to sea. The road crosses the new motorway, then pitches up to a 500m section of 12-14% into the village of Baiña. The next 2.5km average 9% , pitching to 13% before passing by the Chan de Lagoa picnic area. The gradient then slips back to a steady 6% for 4km, and there is even a short downhill section. This all leads into the final 2.5km, where again the gradient pitches up to a steady 7-8% to the summit. The view from the summit up the coast is a great photo opportunity.