MonteCastrove from Poio

The climb of MonteCastrove from Poio starts next to the monestery of the same name, which is now a hotel. The slope to start with is gentle, around 5%. A gentle introduction to what is ahead. As the climb winds its way through Arís, the gradient touches double digits for the first time. Arís merges into the village of O Sartal, with the gradient steady around 8-10%. Leaving O Sartal , the road “flattens” slightly, and the view of the Ria de Pontevedra on the left is stunning. This section should be used to recuperate before the real test to come.

The climb is steady until the Rio Mouro, and in this section is heavily wooded. Eucalyptus and pine trees provide much needed shade on a warm day. On crossing the river, the road banks left, and the gradient bites immediately. A steady 10%+ winds up to the first 20% hairpin , where the lactic kicks in , and won´t clear out until the summit. The road stay steep, and heavily wooded. Another 20% hairpin leads through the village of A Excusa “the excuse”, before a final sharp left to the summit. To the left is the view across the Ría de Pontevedra to the Atlantic. To the right is the Meis golf course. A glorious climb, and a wonderful summit.