Nature and Geography of Galicia

For a first-time visitor to Galicia, your first experience will be as your aeroplane descends towards Porto airport. When you book your flight, try and get a window seat on the right-hand side of the plane. Thus  you get the best view of the nature of  Galicia as you pass over. You will be able to appreciate the  unspoiled beauty of the northern interior of the region, with most of it more than 700m above sea level, and compare it to the rugged coastline, which is dotted with beautiful beaches. As you move further south, you will see the spectacular view of Vigo Bay, spanned by the Rande suspension bridge, to the south of which lies the Rias Baixas region, which borders Portugal. The border from the Atlantic Ocean is formed by the River Miño, and our base in Tui, sits on the banks of the river at Galicia´s southern extremity.

What will strike you as you look out of the window is just how green Galicia is. The nature jumps out at you. Spain is seen to many as a dusty flat country, with vast swathes of uninhabited areas. Not Galicia though. Galicia offers up a stunning backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west. To the east rugged mountainous terrain and to the south, beautiful tree lined river valleys cutting out deep gorges. It will come as surprise, even to seasoned travellers to the Mediterranean, that such nature exists in Spain. Galicia is Spain, but it is a different type of Spain. Thus, weather wise, there is nothing better than a cycling holiday in Galicia.