New Years Resolutions

So, here we go again. Every January we start out with our new years resolutions. And every year it is the same. Give up drinking, lose weight, the normal aspirations. January, with the cold weather, increased rail fares, and post-Christmas blues is never a great month. However, it can be the beginning of a great year for those of us who are bike nuts. Work done in January can really pay off as the season progresses.

New Years Resolutions

As anybody who rides a bike knows, the laws of physics dictate the movement. Power to weight ratio is key. So, getting that weight off is crucial if we want to improve. There is no short cut. I am fortunate enough to have a daughter who is a doctor, so have always sought her advice on this. And that advice is very simple to follow. Easy stuff, like chew your food for longer. Eat smaller portions. Drink at least two litres of water a day. There are thousands of diet books and opinions. Common sense trumps them all. Accustom your body to want less food, and keep it hydrated. These are the basic building blocks of lowering your weight

Non-Cycling Exercise

It is extremely important as a cyclist to exercise without the bike. Not doing so will seriously impede your progress. All pro cyclists will tell you the same. Stretching is fundamental. One of your new years resolutions should be to find time every day, preferably after getting up stretch. Ten minutes is all you need to start with. Obviously, legs are the most important, particularly the flexibility of the hamstrings and the calves. These longer muscles need extra care. The core is vital too, to provide stability for the legs on the bike. And the back must be in a god place to avoid pain. My friend Dan Lloyd over at GCN has a good simple routine that can be followed.

Bike Related Exercise

Obviously, another of the new years resolutions should be to get those kms on the  bike. With customary bad weather in January, it is always hard to get going. However, it is vital that you do so, even if it is gentle runs, or 30-40 minutes on the rollers. The key is to get those legs turning over regularly. If you can get 100km in each weekend then great, do it. That foundation will be crucial as the season gets going. However, if you can only fit in sessions in the rollers, then build the intensity quickly. Make sure that in a 40-minute session, at least 15 are spent at close to maximum.

Get That Holiday Booked

And the most important of your new years resolutions is to book up your cycling trip in Spain.  And why not make 2019 the year that you try something different. Galicia provides some of the best terrain in Europe for riding your bike. Whether it is flat coastal roads, or beautiful scenic mountain climbs, Galicia has something for every type of rider. It is an unspoilt paradise and here at CyclingGalicia we are waiting to tailor make your next spanish cycling holiday.