Os Eidos from Oia

The climb up to Os Eidos from Oia is one of the iconic climbs of the region. Not only because is it a tough climb, with an average gradient of almost 8%. It has ramps of 12%, hairpin bends, open and wooded sections. And to cap it all, the most stunning backdrop of the Atlantic ocean.

The climb starts as soon as you turn off the coast road PO-552 in the centre of Oia. Immediately the gradient hits 8%+ and banks up to 12% through two tight right handers. The road is heavily wooded in this section, but opens out to the Regato de Levandeira viewing area at 2km. A glance to the right a this point will give a panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, over the Oia monastery.

The next km is open as the road hugs the side of the mountain, then turns right back into woodland. The gradient does not slacken off and stays between 8 and 10% as the road snakes through hairpins and trees. After 2km the top of the climb comes as a relief, and there is a small abandoned farm shelter to provide shade.