Pazos de Borben from Ponteareas

It can be argued that including the climb to Pazos de Borben from Ponteareas is cheating a little. This is because it has a distance of 15km , and an average gradient of just 1.5%. However, the numbers don´t ell the true story, as there are ramps to 9%, albeit with flat sections too. It is avery enjoyable 15km.

The climb starts by turning of the N-120 road just before Ponteareas, on to the PO-2201. This road meanders through village after village, not really ramping up at any stage. In fact the first 6-7km are pretty flat, and can be enjoyed at a sedate pace. Passing A Serra, the road begins to bite a little with ramps up to 9%, but always followed by a flat, or small downhill section. The road is narrow, with no cycling verge, but like many Galician roads, very quiet to traffic.

The final 4km of the climb are at a steady gradient of 5% , as it winds its way up through the trees to Pazos de Borben. This is a gentle, quiet and very picturesque 15km of Galicia.