Rias Baixas

Rias Baixas, when translated into English means “low bays”. This is the generic name given to the coastal region of Galicia, that incorporates four inlets. The northernmost extreme is Noia in the southernmost Vigo. The Rias Baixas region is a wonderful collection of rugged coastline, beautiful beaches, and roads that hug the coast, then turn off on to the numerous mountain climbs that lie close to the sea. It is a paradise for cyclists and ticks every box for the perfect cycling holiday.

The Formation of the Rias Baixas

It is unusual, particularly in Europe for there to be such an array of mountains close to the coast. What is even more unusual is for it to be accompanied by a climate that is favourable to cycling. This makes the Rias Baixas quite unique ,and it´s landscapes unusual.This landscape was formed millions of years ago by plate tectonics varying the height of neighbouring areas. This caused ocean water to flood into the low-lying ground. Subsequent periods of erosion through the ages formed these inlet patterns. Many of the Rias are surrounded by lush dense forests of pine and eucalyptus. These trees are not indigenous to Galicia. They have been planted over the last 100 years to replace many oaks that were felled by the timber industry. Pine and Eucalyptus grow quickly, and so are popular replacements for the original oaks.


Home Grown in the Rias Baixas

The Rias Baixas region is a great wine growing region, with the perfect geography and climate for grape production. Thus, many of our rides will take us through steep sided vineyards, adding to the enjoyment of the experience. Also, the new array of kiwi plantations which resemble the vineyards provide a lovely view .The Rias Baixas will give you the perfect backdrop to your cycling holiday with its coastal roads, beachfront cafes, wonderful restaurants vineyards, lush green forests, and mountain climbs.