Routes of the ITU Worlds in Pontevedra

In April more than 2,500 athletes will descend on Galicia to participate in the ITU World Championships. It will be a festival of sport, the like of which Galicia has never seen before. The world can discover the wonders of Galicia, its wonderful natural beauty and its cultural history. And let’s not forget its abundance of food and drink !!! So, what of the routes of the ITU worlds in Pontevedra. What can everybody expect from the event.

Routes of the ITU Worlds in Pontevedra

For those of us who know Galicia well, pan flat is never really on the menu. Even the numerous roads that hug the coastline a very rarely flat. Normally we have to face a lot of uphill tests, as Galcia offers many climbing tests. So, many competitors believe that the routes of the various events will involve a lot of 34/28 combinations. So, let me set your minds at rests. Whilst the routes are not pan flat, the “climbs” are not severe. There are ramps that touch 9%, but these are very small efforts. We firmly believe that the elite competitors will tackle the routes on TT bikes. The age groups will easily cope with normal road bikes.

37,5km long route to Bordel

This route will be used in the long- distance triathlon, aquabike and age group duathlon. The route, after a small switchback through the university heads out along the national route N550, the old camino de Santiago, heading north. The road is a wide, well asphalted, and smooth surface.  It heads north towards San Amaro on this road, before a sharp right turn on the PO-224. This road is narrower, and on some stretches doesn’t have any drop off area. As it will be divided for the return phase, passing, although possible, will have to be done with care.

Pontillón do Castro

The beautiful reservoir of Pontillón de Castro is the high point of the routes of the ITU worlds in Pontevedra. There are beautiful views, although competitors probably won’t get to see them. The road then drops quite sharply towards O Gabián. This is the part of the route that needs the most care, as it is a narrow village road. At the bottom, is a sharp left turn back up to the PO-224 road. It is only 800m long, with an average of 7%, but will be a good test, especially on the third lap.

The road back to Pontevedra

The second turning point in Bordel is the start of a fast climb of 2km at 4%, back to the reservoir. Then back to the main national road, descending along the same narrow road. This section is fast, but curvy. Caution will be the correct advice on this stretch, especially if there is any rain. The wide national road continues to descend and will be the fastest stretch of the route. The most extreme point of the route at San Antoniño brings the race back up the descent. Then a long meandering descent back to the start/finish in Pontevedra will give an opportunity to really pile on the watts.