San Antoniño from Gondomar

The climb of San Antoniño from Gondomar is a reference climb for local riders. Although the road can be busy, especially in high season, the verges are wide for cyclists. The gradient is a steady one, with few steep ramps. It is an ideal climb to finish a day back from the coast.

The climb is the PO-340 road , and leaves the centre of Gondomar. This is the steepest section, as the first km leaving the town averages over 6%. The houses give way to huge eucalyptus trees, which provide good shade for the first 4km to O Lugar. The climb is pretty straight with just 2 curves until the village. Just before leaving O Lugar, there is a lovely fountain on the right, providing fresh mountain water. A false flat of nearly a km through the roundabout leads to a steadier gradient for the last 3km. The road stays wide and steady through 4-5 curves before the summit. The view to the left as we go under “the red kite” is beautiful, across to the playa America beach.