San Antoniño from Tui

This is a gentle climb of San Antoniño from Tui, is the main route from Tui across to the beaches of Playa America and Patos. The road is the PO-340, and the whole climb has wide verges and a good road surface. It can get busy in high season, however, the drivers give cyclists a lot of leeway.

Leaving Tui, the climb immediately pitches up for the first 1.5km, averaging 7% until the road reaches Randufe. A flatter section through the village leads to another km or so of 7% gradients, until we pass the granite factory. From km4 to 6 the road is generally a false flat, before it pitches again, and generally into the wind. The road winds on at 6-7% passing the fountain, and the final 2km are two or three curves before a final sprint to the summit. 500m after cresting, the views out to the beaches are spectaular