Seafood in Galicia

If you are planning at a cycling holiday in Spain, then you will want to experience the local cuisine.There are two distinct strands of seafood in Galicia. Its fish and its shellfish, or as the Galicians call it, “Marisco”. Galicia has a very large fishing fleet, in fact it accounts for over half of the entire Spanish fleet. It’s ships include trawlers that fish the entire length and breadth of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the small two-man crewed boats that are moored in every port up and down the coast. They all serve to bring the finest seafood to Galician restaurants and tables. Another feature of the coastline is the numerous “bateas”. These are famous mussel beds, which produce some of the finest mussels in the world.


Variety of Fish in Galician Cuisine

Local seafood markets open before sunrise, and are a vibrant part of the local community. The most popular fish for the Gallegos is cod and hake. “Bacalao and Merluza”. The cod can be eaten fresh, or in Galicia’s preferred manner, be salted and cured immediately, and left to hang.  The cod is soaked in water for 24 hours before cooking, changing it constantly. After, it is boiled or cooked on the griddle, to give it a unique taste. You cannot leave Galicia without trying “Bacalao desalado”.  Other popular fish include sea bass “lubina”, and turbot “rodaballo”. In addition the Gallego favourites of squid “calamares”, and the most famous them all octopus,” pulpo”. The octopus is prepared by boiling it, then cutting it with scissors into small disks. These are then drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with paprika. A cycling holiday in Galicia is not complete without trying our legendary pulpo.


Galician Shellfish

The real essence of Galician seafood is it’s shellfish. Just like the eskimos have many words for snow, the Gallegos have the same for many shellfish. Crabs, in particular, have different names depending on their size and origin. From the large king crabs “buey”, to the smaller river dwellers “centolla”, they are all available. Locally caught lobsters,” bogavante” with their distinctive blue colouring, are the kings of the marisco family. Their smaller cousins “cigalas”, are also delicious. Vigo bay contains a huge amount of bateas. From these,  ropes are suspended that the mussels “mejillones” and oysters “ostras” grow on. This proximity from the source of the seafood to the table, will always ensure that Galician seafood , eaten in Galicia ensures a combination of quality and price that cannot be bettered.