Spring Training in Galicia

Whether or not we believe in global warming, the weather in Europe has been very odd in the last few weeks. Record temperatures in the UK have given cyclists there a great opportunity to get the kms in. However, this has been something out of the ordinary. And it is much more common to choose a warmer climate for your early season kms. And why not try spring training in Galicia to get those kms in. We have everything that you need.

Spring Training in Galicia 

So, what do we have here that makes spring training in Galicia the ideal choice for cyclists? First of all, the Galician weather can be trusted from March 1st onwards. The temperature is stable around 15-18 degrees Celcius, and although there can be rain, it isn’t much of a threat. Because of the proximity to the coast, most of the Galician climbs are open all year round. And again, the lack of extreme low temperatures means that the descents are safe and ice free. So, it is very easy to design great routes involving plenty of uphill to test those early season legs.

Added bonuses in Galicia

The “apres bike” in Galicia is something that few know about. After a long day in the saddle, what can be better than sampling Galician gastronomy. In Spain, it is second to none. Whether you are a meat eater, or more of a fish person, Galicia has it all. And don’t forget the excellent wine to accompany all this delicious food. Nowhere in Spain can offer such high quality, locally sourced food for after a good ride. The best recuperation in Europe, and a key part of spring training in Galicia.

Spring Training Ideas

For those serious riders, a spring camp under a blue sky is fundamental to kick off a good season. The warmer temperatures, coupled with the combination of climbs, and coastal flats that Galicia can offer are perfect for early season kms. Particularly the climbing available. Galicia has a great combination of longer climbs such as Monte Groba, or shorter steeper efforts such as Monte Aloia from Tui. All these climbs serve as a great start to the season, clearing away the cobwebs of a long winter. Give Galicia a try, and you will not be disappointed.