Steep Climbs in Galicia

All of us who ride a bike, and love watching cycling, are fascinated with going uphill. And even more when those inclines are very steep. And if you are looking for double digit percentage challenges, there are plenty of steep climbs in Galicia to choose from. Because of its unique geography , Galicia has plenty of mountains, and many close to the coast. This is what makes Galicia a truly wonderful destination for cycling tourists. Our website has a long list of Galician climbs  . Lets look at some of the steep climbs in Galicia.

Steep Climbs in Galicia

The most famous of the steep climbs in Galicia is the south face of Monte Aloia . No trip to this part of the world is complete without tackling this challenging ascent. Its peak, at 635m above sea level, gives breath-taking views across the river Miño valley towards Portugal. The ascent starts on the city limit of Tui, the historic cathedral town on the Portuguese border. The climb to the top is 560m, at an average of 8%. However, the climb ramps up to 14% in sections. And after a small false flat in the second kilometre, it is a pretty steady 10% until the last kilometre. Whatever your form, Monte Aloia always provides a stern test.

Steep Climbs in Galicia with a coastal view

The beauty of Galicia is that its geography provides mountain climbs that are very close to the coast. Two wonderful examples of this type of climb are Monte Groba from Mougas , and the mythical Monte Santa Trega .  Both these climbs tower over the Atlantic Ocean and are short and steep. Mougas is accessed directly from the coast road, and gently rises for a kilometre. Then it really kicks in, with ramps touching 16%+. The glimpses of the ocean as the climb twists up through the trees, are well worth all the pain. Santa Trega is just 3km long. However, packed into those three kilometres is a lot of Galician history. The Celtic castros after 2kms are worth stopping for on the descent. A great photo opportunity. And the views from the top are breath-taking, as is the coffee shop!

Northern Portugal 

The beauty of “Old Galicia”, as the first 75km of Portugal are known as, is its geography. Plenty of mountains, and many of them with steep climbs. Two of these are Arga de Cima , and the beautiful Capela de Sao Silvestre. Both these climbs are within 10km of the frontier with Spain, so easily accessible. The Arga opens up to the stunning Sierra de Arga, with views across to the Atlantic. Its ramps of 20%+ will really test the legs. The Capela, is a gentle start, that becomes brutal in its final 3 or 4 kilometres. Just to punish you a little more the last 300m are cobbled. However, the small chapel at the top is a wonderful place to say a prayer and give thanks that you have survived.