Trailheads Blog Award

Back again after a busy summer. Lots to talk about in the coming week. Plenty of subjects and ideas. Firstly however, it is always good to have you work appreciated. I would like to say many thanks to Trailheads, the US website. They have been kind enough to give me a Trailheads blog award, for one of the best cycling blogging websites. Trailheads   is one of the US’s biggest outdoor sport clothing websites. An award from them for a small website like ours is somehting to celebrate. I would like to thank Kristin for selecting us. So I must keep our standard high, so that we stay on their preferred list!

I have had a bit of time away from blogging through the summer. However, I will be back with plenty of new subjects, and hopefully spur some debate. This blog is designed to cover many subjects, with a Galician focus. I endeavour to make it interesting, and clearly with the Trailheads blog award, I am achieiving that. I want to promote cycling holidays in Galicia, the wonderful Galician roads,  the numerous Galician climbs available, and much more.

Also, the focus will be on the current trends in cycling. Are they removing the fun from our sport? We ride our bikes as a release from our daily lives. It should be fun, not another reason to get stressed. So, let’s enjoy our favourite sport, and above all come and do it here in Galicia.