Transporting a Bike. What are the Options?

There are many ingredients to make the perfect cycling holiday. However, like any recipe, if you get one wrong you can end up with a disaster. So, what are the most important issues when you are organising transporting a bike on a cycling holiday? As all of us know, travelling nowadays can be hard work. The heavy reliance on budget airways has changed the way that we all plan for out travel. Cyclists have had to re-think their strategy on bike transport. Long gone are the days when a cycling holiday meant taking your bike on a plane, free of charge. So, from the very beginning of your planning, bike transport is very important. So, let´s examine the options, and try to come up with an answer.

Renting a Bike at The Destination

Many nowadays like to rent a bike when they arrive at their destination. At least this means that worrying about transporting a bike is taken out of the equation. Whilst removing the experience of packing, transporting and unpacking, it adds other problems to your holiday. A different bike is never the same as your own. Immediately settling on to another bike is hard. The geometry is never the same, and it can take time to adjust to the way it rides.  Also, the cost can be high. Almost always higher than transporting your own, sometimes considerably higher. We at CyclingGalicia  believe that this is only the best option for those who fall into two categories. Firstly, if you have a connecting flight and must use budget airlines for at least one. And, for those who are not “married” to their own bike and are happy to switch.

Transporting a Bike on an Aeroplane

So, what other options are there? Before you book a flight, check with the airline directly for their policy of transporting a bike. The rules for each airline can vary enormously, so do your homework. The cost of travel is not just the headline price, it is the final price after luggage . Check how heavy your bike bag can be. Many can weigh up to 23kg. If you have a light bike, and bike bag, this can be a money saver. You can easily pack clothing and much more inside the bike bag, thus leaving you with just hand luggage on the plane. Also, packing clothing etc, in plastic bags around your bike, can make it more secure. The less movement inside the bag, the less chance of frame damage. There is nothing worse than opening your bag at destination, and the drop out has snapped, or worse.

Sending a Bike Ahead of Travelling

There is a third option, however very few cycling holiday companies offer at. At CyclingGalicia , we not only offer it, we encourage this mode of transporting a bike. The facility to send your bike ahead of your trip, and sent back afterwards. This service allows you to travel light. If you pack well and sensibly, you could find yourself with just hand luggage on your journey. You can use our partner service SENDBIKE for this. They are a specialised bike courier that uses DHL for all their deliveries. You simply get your bike plus anything else you want to send packed up. Then use our promo code at SENDBIKE. They pick it up and deliver it to our shop in Galicia. There your bike will be assembled, and ready for your arrival. And after the trip, your bike will be packed away and sent back to your door.

So, there are a few options for transporting a bike on your next cycling holiday. You have to decide which one suits you best. Here at CyclingGalicia we endeavour to give you as many options as possible. If you arrive stress free, and leave stress free, then our job is done.