Travelling With Your Bike

Travelling with your bike nowadays can be what the Spanish call a “rollo”, a real chore. However, if you know the rules, it can be made a lot easier than you think. There are various options that you can use. Firstly, you can hire a bike when you arrive. However, many enjoy using their own bike, so this option is not for many cycling tourists. So, let’s assume that you want to bring your own trusty steed with you on you Galicia cycling tour.

So, when travelling with your bike, the key is preparation. Firstly, we would recommend a good bike case. The solid plastic types are expensive to buy, so hiring one can be an option . The cheaper soft, nylon bags can do the job, but you must pack the bike correctly. Make sure that vulnerable parts of the bike, such as the drop-out and gear mechanism are very well protected. Plenty of padding inside is the key, and your local bike shop is a good place to get advice for correctly packing your bike.

Airline Charges 

Almost all airlines now charge for travelling with your bike, and the three airlines that serve Porto, EASYJET, RYANAIR AND TAP AIR PORTUGAL, all charge. Easyjet will charge £42 one way if pre-booked, Ryaniar £60 and TAP Air Portugal 45€. With all three airlines, you can play with your baggage allowances a little to try and reduce costs. So, correctly packed, and correctly planned, getting your bike to and from your destination shouldn’t be too much hassle.

Some travel companies now offer a door to door delivery service for bikes. This can cut out the hassle of travelling with your bike. Cycling Galicia is one of the few companies that offer this service. Click here to find out more on how it works.