World Triathlon Championships in Galicia

As we draw 2018 to a close, already excitement is building here in Galicia for 2019. Next year is a very exciting one for cycling in the region. Why is that? We will welcome some of the world’s finest cyclists and athletes to the World Triathlon Championships in Galicia. They will take place in Pontevedra over eight days from April 27th to May 5th. Pontevedra, the city now famous for its car free zones, will become a haven for cyclists.

World Triathlon Championships in Galicia – The Events

The ITU championships are all modes of tri and duathlon. The most well know is the swim-road bike-run, made so famous by legends such as the Brownlee brothers in the UK. In Galicia however, there is only one legend, Javier Gomez Noya. Noya, a native of Galicia, although born to Gallego parents in Switzerland, is Mr Triathlon in Spain. He lives in Pontevedra, and this event is like a homage to him. You can expect huge crowds screaming his name when he competes in his triathlon. However, there are many other events in the schedule. Duathlon, run and bike, aquathlon, swim and run, and triathlon cross, swim, mountain bike and run. This last event will take the bikers up Monte Castrove, the mountain that overlooks Pontevedra. This is the photo from the front page of Cycling Galicia.

Who will be competing?

This event is very special, as it includes the best in the world from every category. Not just the pros, but amateurs too. Different age groups, both male and female will tackle the same courses as the pros. Almost 2500 athletes are expected to descend on Pontevedra for the event. It is a huge logistical challenge for the region, but the Gallegos are up for it. The organisation committee were present in the last worlds in Denmark, and the Europeans in Ibiza. Sponsors are in place, and the signups for volunteers are increasing rapidly. Social media is gathering pace, Pontevedra will be ready for this festival of sport. The world triathlon championships in Galicia. Come and get involved and see for yourself.